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What is Chlorophyll? & Why You Need it ASAP!

Chlorophyll Benefits

I’ve been hearing a lot about chlorophyll these past couple months and I’m not going to lie, I may have mixed it up with the “slightly” less healthy, chloroform. But no! Hear me out people, I’m not trying to poison you!

What Is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll has many benefits to the body, and is pretty much like a lazy persons green juice. It’s found in plants and is partially responsible for giving plants their green colour. It comes in several different forms so you can find what works best for you. I prefer to use liquid chlorophyll, but you can also get it in powder and tablet form.

So, why is this random green part of a plant good for you? Let me tell ya!

Chlorophyll has many potential health benefits. Including….

1. It’s an internal deodorant:

Yes you heard that right. This stuff can potentially make you smell like lovely roses ALL THE TIME. This may be TMI but when I eat garlic, it literally comes out of my pores. After finding out about the deodorizing properties of chlorophyll, I decided I needed to see if it would make a difference (because I LOVE garlic). I can honestly say that I think it has made a good change!

It also says on the bottle that you can mix a small amount of this green magic with water and swish it around your mouth. Viola! All natural mouthwash.

2. Energizing properties:

You can skip your morning coffee and switch it out for some chlorophyll! I’ve been making coffee less and less the past couple weeks, and I think my lack of a midday slump is because of this miracle food!

3. Cleanses the body:

One of the other miracle effects of chlorophyll is that is cleanses your body. I’ve felt amazing ever since adding it to my daily routine and have noticed my skin is way clearer than usual.

4. Potentially prevents against cancer:

Anything that has cancer-fighting properties is a YES from me. Chlorophyll is no exception!

5. Weight Loss:

I haven’t noticed anything drastic with my weight since starting my chlorophyll regimen, but hey, I wouldn’t be mad if it did make me lose a few pounds?

How I Use It:

I put two tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll into my 1L water bottle and drink it throughout the morning. You can get a peppermint flavour or keep it natural, and although the peppermint probably tastes better, I have the natural kind and it tastes fine.

I’ve heard of some people taking it in a small glass, or as a healthy morning shot. This could be an option for some, but I have been told that it can dye your teeth green if it’s too concentrated. If this happens, just brush your teeth and they will be totally good.

Where Can I Sign Up?

You can order the mint flavoured chlorophyll here or the natural flavoured one here.

Chlorophyll is also available at many local health food shops, but I’ve found amazon to have the best prices!

Do you use liquid chlorophyll? If so, tell me about your experience with it in the comments! 

Also, make sure to ask your doctor is you have any concerns before trying chlorophyll.

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