Desktop Lightroom Presets


I’ve been developing this preset pack for the past year, and I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with you guys! This pack is perfect for outdoor adventurers who are looking for a cohesive, blue and green feed.

With 6 different presets for all seasons, this pack will allow you to edit everything from landscape shots, to selfies, to indoor food and product shots.

I’ve been editing with these presets since around May 2018, and I’m finally happy enough with them to release them to the world! They should all be pretty close to one-click edits, but you can always do your own tweaking on Lightroom as well. If I need to make any changes after applying the preset to a photo, it’s usually just playing with the exposure and temperature to get the desired feel I’m looking for.

The Presets Included Are:
Cool Landscapes
Fall Colours
Snow Scenes
Summertime Warmth
Sunset Vibes
Up Close and Personal



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