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I Moved into a Cabin in the Woods: My Cabin Life Experience

girl on couch in cabin in yukon, canada

Given the fact that you probably read the title of this post, I’m assuming you’ve heard the big news. I’m a real northern lady now! That’s right, I’ve stopped shaving my legs and have decided to start living with the local wolf pack next door….

Okay but in all seriousness, I have done something very northerner-ly… (let’s pretend that’s a word for a second here). I’ve moved into a cabin on the Annie Lake road in Yukon, Canada!

Now, I’m not going to lie. There was some panic about the big move. How do I light a fire for the wood stove? Can I just leave it burning all day? Am I going to go broke paying the gas for the 40 minute drive into town? Am I really cut out for cabin life? These are all thoughts that were racing through my brain after signing the lease. But in true adventurous fashion, I just went for it and decided to embrace the “true” northern lifestyle that so many people dream of experiencing.

The first thing I would like to address is that moving SUCKS. Whoever invented moving is one of my least favourite people in the history of the planet. Moving especially sucks when all your stuff is spread out between several different houses. It sucks even more when you are moving 40 minutes away and have to do several trips back and forth a day to get all the stuff there.

It’s been weeks and we still have boxes everywhere.

I’ve been sitting on a big blue box at the dining table while I eat my meals.

But day by day it gets a little more homely and a little less chaotic. Give me a few more years and maybe I’ll have unpacked all my suitcases of clothing. Maybe.

So, enough about moving and more about cabin life. That’s why you guys are here isn’t it?

The Pros of Cabin Life:

Let us all take a moment and remember that I’ve lived in a cabin for approximately 3 seconds so I’m no expert. But none the less, I’m going to give my two cents on what I’ve liked so far about living out here.

The Wood Stove:

I’m a pyromaniac so you can all imagine how pumped I am to have a freaking fire in the middle of my living room.

Okay I’m not an actual pyro but I do love fires. I also love being warm. I also also love curling up next to something extremely warm and just roasting myself like a cat. So yeah, I’d say I like the wood stove a lot.

Being Far Away From The Grocery Store:

Living close to a grocery store is great if you forget a crucial cooking item. It’s terrible when you have a massive sweet tooth/snack craving 24/7 like me and can easily drive to buy the entire snack isle. Living a good 30 minutes away from any type of store means that I can’t go buying a jumbo sized pack of mini eggs whenever I feel like it. (AKA right now I could really go for some mini eggs and writing this made me very sad).

So I guess this point is a pro for my health and a con for my soul….

The Utilities Bill:

A wood stove and well water means that our utility bill is going to be niiiiccceeee and low. I’m a big fan of this because I have been spending an arm and a leg on gas.

The “Feel”:

I’ve been sleeping so well here every night and I think it’s because this place feels so comfy and cozy. The wooden walls, the fire crackling in the background, the big windows looking out to mountain scenes. I understand why people love the cabin lifestyle for the feeling it gives you.

The Views:

Finally, the views out here are ridiculous. How is it even possible to live a 5 second drive away from massive mountain ranges and gorgeous lakes?

I don’t even understand this place and feel very lucky to be living out here for sure!

cabin kitchen with le creuset french press and winterlong brewing growler

The Cons of Cabin Life:

Unfortunately, with every pro list, there’s a con list…

Wood Stoves Create SO MUCH DUST:

It’s a love hate relationship with the wood stove. He keeps me warm at night (it’s a he now, should I give him a name?), but he also makes me have to sweep the floor every other day. Like, I literally just swept the floor and the pile of dirt was incomprehensible.

My Car’s Making Me Broke:

How the hell am I filling my car up twice a week? How is this even possible. It doesn’t feel like I’m driving that much but then where the hell is all my gas going?

There Are ~27 Million Dogs Out Here:

I bet a lot of you guys are thinking, “UM WOW Eryn. Dogs are gods gift to earth? How can there be too many dogs?”. Well let me tell ya. Everyone has a dog out here. Everyone and their dog has a dog out here. Which is great! I’m all for dogs. But I’m not all for the chorus of 7000 dogs howling together every night at 10:30pm.

So there you have it. My cabin life experience so far. I know that I could have easily sugar coated a lot of this for the sake of keeping this blog a “perfect” place. But I’m trying to keep it real for you all, and let you know what you’re getting into if you’e also thinking about living the cabin life.

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