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50 Ways You Can Save Money For Travel

Save money for travel

I understand that for some, saving for travel may be much more difficult than others. People have varying expenses, jobs, budgets, etc… that can make travel seem like a far off dream that can never happen. I understand that on the saving front, I have it pretty good. I have a job and very few monthly expenses that I need to spend my money on. Also, I don’t have a mortgage or children or a lot of debt to pay off. But I believe that if you want to badly enough, anyone can travel. Here are some of the things that I’ve done in order to save money for travel.

Ready to save some money? If so, lets get started…

First off, there are many ways to make the money you are already getting go to travel. Open a Tax Free Savings Account dedicated to travel in order to put aside money from every paycheque. Create a monthly budget that you can follow that will allow you to start saving.

My favourite way to stay on budget is to take out my spending money for the week in cash. This is the easiest way to stay on budget and will save you on ATM fees. You can also try out budget apps on your phone.  When you get paid, transfer your money right away, so you don’t spend it on pointless things. Put a mason jar in your room to collect all your spare change, and stop buying things you don’t need. 

Start taking the bus or biking to work instead of driving. And if that’s not an option, why not try carpooling instead?

Save money for travel

Cut back on your cell phone plan, and start using wifi instead of data. Save money on utilities by taking shorter showersturning the lights off when you aren’t using them, and unplugging your electronics when you’re away. You can also cancel your cable plan, and limit your wifi plan to save a few more bucks every month. Television is an easy sacrifice. Travelling is more fun than movies anyways. And if you are watching less T.V., you’ll have more time to save money for travel! (It’s a win-win!).

Instead of going to the movies, watch old ones, or stream them online (don’t tell anyone i told you to though)…

Make your own morning coffee instead of grabbing one from Starbucks. And start buying your own groceries, instead of eating out. Stop ordering takeout. Also, cut back on your meat and dairy consumption. Meat and dairy products are super expensive and you can get your calcium and protein from much cheaper (and healthier) sources like beans, lentils and veggies!

If you want to have a night on the town with friends, make drinks at home instead of buying expensive bar drinks, and wear your friends clothes to keep you from going out and buying a new outfit for the night.

There are several ways to get a little extra money each month as well. The easiest way to do this is to sell your old belongings. You can also join a recycling program and start receiving change in return for bottles, etc.. Maybe try to pick up more shifts at work, or get a second job as well.

If possible, move in with your parents to save on rent and groceries, and, if you’re very committed, sell your car, to cut back on expenses on insurance, gas, and mechanic costs.

Quit your gym membershipsell your expensive gym equipment, and start working out at home/outside. You can take up running, or start doing bodyweight workouts at home.

Do you really need to have your hair cut and coloured so often? Why not try to trim your own hair. And while your at it, skip the spa as well. Painting your own fingers and toes can save you hundreds! I know some girls love waxing, but this too can be expensive, why not try waxing at home? And if all these sound terrible for you, look into Groupons and see if you can get a discount on your appointments.

Save money for travel

Are you a book lover? Same here, but instead of spending on books, why not get a library card? 

For all the times you do need to spend money, why not gain travel points on your credit card? I have a travel visa along with airmiles and aeroplan points cards.

My final tip to save money for travel, is to try manifesting travel into your life! I know this may sound a little crazy, but hear me out. Thinking about travel everyday and being able to focus all your attention on this will give you a goal to strive for, and make you more likely to save for your dream trip!!

So, there you go! 50 tips to save money for travel! Now it’s your turn to start saving and get travelling!

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50 tips to save money to travel

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